The Project

The project to disbind, digitise, conserve and provide freely available open access to Rodrigues’s manuscript was made possible through the support of the Wellcome Trust. Up until now, this manuscript's existence has been virtually unknown in academic circles and has not been the subject of any scientific or academic research. The project therefore represents an important contribution not only to the global history of early-modern medicine but also allows for the comparison of flora of the mid-eighteenth century with that of the present day in the Anjengo region with particular reference to the ethnobotanical use of the plants.

The funding from the Wellcome Trust has also facilitated the transcription and translation of the manuscript, undertaken by Professor Kapil Raj, all of which are now freely available and searchable to a global audience. It is hoped that by providing access in such can help facilitate and develop new understandings on the interaction between European and indigenous medical learning and practice and open up new research opportunities and to a range of international scholars and researchers.

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